A Leader in Sustainable Services and Solutions 

Terra works closely with industry, developers, governments, entrepreneurs, and non-profits to provide and implement sustainability solutions fully aligned with recipient strategy.  Terra sustainable feasibility services integrate carbon footprint designs fully leveraging existing operational processes. 

There’s an art to the business of sustainable integration into the built environment. Terra expertly integrates the disciplines of design engineering, sustainability and conservation resulting in operations that are practical and well-designed with social and aesthetic integrity.

Terra Organics distributes bulk and develops bespoke organic food and wellness products and is a leader in the sustainable optimization of global organic food supply chains, from seed to manufacturer to shelf.

 Services include:

  • Incubation of organic product lines, including food, wellness and household products.
  • Wholesale sourcing and distribution of organic agricultural products and bulk sales of organic ingredients
  • Providing specialized technical solutions that improve the productivity of organic agriculture.

Terra Real Estate adheres to the simple principle of ‘Identify Opportunity & Create Sustainable Value,’ and properties may be greenfield, brownfield developments and / or completed quality cash flowing assets.   

Our expeditions operate in remote, ecologically diverse areas in all regions of the planet, alongside non-profit and government partners that are working tirelessly to protect wildlife, wild land and fragile ecosystems. 

By combining training in expeditionary science, photography, ecological science and wildlife biodiversity, Terra’s world-renowned Ambassadors provide expedition participants with the skills and opportunities to effectively contribute to critical ecosystem and wildlife conservation initiatives.

Terra Give is a disruptive technology platform focused on collaborative giving and sustainable philanthropy that facilitates and hosts donor engagement so that nonprofits can focus on the missions that drive them.  The platform centralizes and consolidates resources so users can be confident in building trust, transparency, and profound impact.